May 2012 Babies take Halloween!

Top: Jack & George; Bottom: Violet, Lena, Xavier, Daniel (missing: Clara the Lion)

Sorry for the delayed post on this topic – as you know it’s been quite hectic all around dealing with the aftermath of hurricane Sandy. Even though Park Slope, and most of the surrounding neighborhoods, seemed to have lucked out relative to other hard hit areas, I’m sure we all have some family and friends who weren’t as lucky. Plus, there’s the downstream impact of most of the NYC transportation system being down (the veins of the city!) not to mention the lack of gas to drive any where! Fingers crossed things get back to normal soon – especially for those hard hit.

On a bit of a brighter note, we managed to have our first photo shoot last Saturday with 7 babies, and their parents – for about a total of 12, all present.  We met up at Danna’s place for the shoot – she had a great set up for the babies (changing station ready, activity mat and toys available, and even bagels and beverages for the parents!). Big thanks to Danna and Jonathan for hosting! Although we didn’t get to enjoy the park for the first shoot, given some of the costume changes, not to mention dealing with finicky five month olds and unpredictable weather, having this shoot indoors proved to be a good idea.

Photos are still being posted on our new Flickr group photo pool ( so hopefully we’ll have some good shots to share with the group. As an added bonus, Jessica’s husband Eric made a short video of the babies in costume – super cute!! You can check it out here. How creative and inspiring!!

I have to say, although we originally intended this group to be more for moms and babes, it was very helpful to have our partners there for the shoot – you can never have enough extra hands. That was probably my biggest take away from the event.  If anyone has any feedback from the first shoot (what worked, what didn’t work) please share so that we can improve these meet-ups going forward.

Happy Shooting!


One response to “May 2012 Babies take Halloween!

  1. I thought the shoot went really well (thanks Danna and Jonathan!). My only regret was that Clara slept late that morning and I showed up before she had napped, hence her grouchiness (but I was worried if she fell asleep that we’d have missed the whole thing completely). Next time I will be sure she has slept well before turning the camera on her:)

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